Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Best Day Ever!!!!

One sunny day there were three beautiful and intelligent girls. Their names are Te Awai, Te Puawai and Chanel. That day they decided to text each other to see if anyone was up to go to the movies. First Te Awai texted Te Puawai to see if she wanted to go to the movies to watch Smurfs 2 with her the text said “Hey Puawai, Are you available to come to the movies today to Smurfs 2”. Puawai replied “Hey bestie, I’m sure that i’m available to come because my whole family is resting for mahi tomorrow”. Afterwards Te Puawai texted Chanel to see if she wanted to go with her and Te Awai to the movies to watch Smurfs 2 the text said “Kia ora tuakana, Are you able to come to the movie with Te Awai and myself to watch Smurfs 2?” Chanel replied “Oh I might be able to come because everyone has gone to mahi to get some money for some kai but yeah of course I am available!”

Once they all agreed to go to the movies together they all got dressed into their day clothes and all met up at the train station in Sylvia Park. They travelled by variety of ways to get to Sylvia Park. Chanel got there by walking from Panmure via Sylvia Park, Te Puawai went to Ellerslie via Sylvia Park by catching the train and Te Awai caught a taxi to Sylvia from Glen Innes. In addition they were all there one by one arrived to the train station by different ways. After that when all of them arrived they all gave each other a hug and walked to the movies and ordered their tickets  and went to the room where the video games were and played until it was time to go to the room where the movie plays.

When they got their tickets and went to the games room they all had a competition against each other on Air Hockey. First Puawai and Te Awai had a competition while Chanel played doodle jump. After we all had a game each it was time for us to go and watch the movie so we went to get us a large box of popcorn, three cups of coke and three chocolate ice creams and quickly walked to the room with the other people that were watching Smurfs 2.

During the movie they all sat right at the back so they wouldn’t get blind for sitting to close to the screen while eating their food that they have brought. After the movie they all went to the park together by walking. As they were walking home they all forgot to thank the movie hosts for welcoming them in the movies. So they all run back to thank the man for welcoming them into the movies. Afterwards they just walked to the park while taking pictures on the phone that Te Puawai had.

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