Thursday, 26 September 2013

About My Best Friend

Name: Katalina
Nationality: Maori/Tongan
Iwi: Ngati Kahununu

Drink: Coke and Sprite
Lollies: Bubble Gumb
Ice-cream: Goody Gum Drop

Color: Purple and Blue
Animal: Dogs
Singer: Beyonce

School: Glenbrae
Teacher: Mrs Raj & Mrs Silva
Class: Intermediate Room 10
Sports: Cross Country

Thursday, 12 September 2013

My Monster Truck Poster

Today I made a poster about a Monster Truck Concert.
It was fun.

Phil's Machines

What did Phil love when he was a boy? Ever since Phil was a boy he loved machines.

What is a dirt bank? A dirt bank is a pile of mud creating a little hill.

What did Phil do when he left school? When he left school he got a job driving 50-tonne bulldozes and 80-tonne motor scrapers.

How many diggers does Phil own? Phil owns four diggers.
How many people work for Phil? Phil has two people working for him.

Why did Phil get tired of seeing other people’s names on the side of the truck? Because he was working for someone else.

Does Phil work long hours? Yes, Phil works five or six days a week, eight to ten hours a day.

Why? So that when the that everything is organised for the workers.

What safety gear do the workers wear? The workers have to wear a hard hat and a bright colored vest.

Why is it important to wear these? to keep themselves safe.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Persuasive Writing

Have you ever wondered how you can achieve your goal to get a good education?

In society students still haven’t got a decent education.
This has started happening and children are not working hard enough on their tasks. It will become an enormous problem if students don’t complete their jobs. Not enough children are giving themselves a chance while going to school because they’re not trying hard enough. Instead they become dropping out of school at the age of 16 or 17 years. Why I’m talking about this is because I believe that students should work hard enough to receive an excellent education, because students need to graduate, they need to concentrate and complete their work and so they can have a better life.

I believe that it is so important to learn at school and graduate.
If you are interested in your learning I presume you will work hard.
It helps me with what I really need to think about for my future.
Its also important to learn because when students get older they might get called a
successful person from an adult that cares for you.
Students must know all of the techniques and so they can start learning from the age of 4 and up. I understand that students want to get a good education. I also believe that students find that learning is an enjoyable and helpful thing so that they will be able to plan the rest of their life.

First of all you should concentrate on your own work before helping others, because if you never complete all of your work than you find yourself suffering in class. In fact believe in what you know, because if you do you’ll become brainy. Furthermore when students are stuck they should ask a teacher for help, because you’ll never know that you're improving in your learning.

Finally I believe that students should receive a quality education so that they will have good life in the future. So if they get the job they want they will receive some money to look after their family and will be able to pay their bills off.

In the future I must believe that it is so important to learn at school and graduate if you want to get a scholarship to go to a collage where you will really learn. It’s so cool that when all students graduate college you get a job. The job that you absolutely know that you will get a lot of money. To provide a house for your family you will have to stay in school right til the end. When you stay at school you will be able to buy some food for yourself and your family. Just imagine what it would be like if everyone worked hard to get an important education and if everyone got paid for working so hard.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Monster Trucks

Why are monster trucks awesome?
Because the engine starts of with a mighty roar.
What is Big foot?
Big foot is a type of truck but huge.
What happens at a monster truck competition?
They crush cars. race each other while pulling huge weights and race through muddy bogs.
How many monster trucks are in New Zealand?
NZ only has one monster truck.
What is the name of the monster truck in New Zealand?
The name of the monster truck is called Big foot.

Basket Boats

1. Where is the story set?
The story takes place in a fishing village called Qui Nhon on the southern coast of vietnam.
2. Who is the main character in the story?
The main character in the story is Thanh.
3. What is the story about?
The story is about how men in Qui Nhon built their Basket Boats and how Thanh and his friends want to become fishermens like their fathers.
4. What is a basket boat? What is its proper name?
A basket boat is like a boat but smaller. The proper name for it is Thung Chai.
5. What is a basket boat useful?
A basket boat is useful to fishing men. Fishermen would cast nets over the side of the thung chai or lower crab traps into the sea for them.
6. How is a thang chai made?
The thung chai is made starting with cutting long poles of green bamboo from the forest. Then they scrape off the outer skin and then slice the poles into thin slats. To make the bamboo easier to weave, they soak the slats in water. As the men weave, they stretch the bamboo slats over a basket-shaped mould. In the centre, the weaving is pulled very tight to give the boat its round shape. A thung chai is built without nails. To hold the weaving together, thicker pieces of bamboo are wrapped around the rim and lashed on with strong fishing line.
7. What is a thing chai handy? What are some of its' uses?
A thung chai is handy because in the morning the men would cast nets over the side of thing chai or lower crab traps into the sea from them.
8. How many seats are in a thing chai?
In a thung chai there are no seats.
9. Explain how safe a thing chai is?
The thung chai is safe because of how it was made. It was made with strong bamboo sticks, they scraped the outside of the bamboo carefully, and they soaked it with concentrated.