Thursday, 27 February 2014

Learning Maths with Ms David

At the moment I am in the maths class with Ms David. It seems to be very difficult to learn the maths that all college students do during maths time.

Thanks Ms David for teaching more strategies.

Science Buddies

This morning in Science, I worked with Jen, Hine and Caprice from Tamaki Primary...

Science at Tamaki College

This morning we learnt about Paramecium in the Science Class with Mr Major. We looked through microscopes and mixed different potions to make unique liquids. It was totally fun.

Thanks Mr Major

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Visit from Alan Duff

This morning Alan Duff came to Glenbrae to share some of his life experiences. He stayed from 10:15 - 10:40am. Alan Duff was the person who found out that kids don’t take books home to read to get educated. While Mr Duff was in class I found out that he is a famous author from Aotearoa. First Mr Duff showed us a book he wrote for Maori people. The book was about heroes from all around Aotearoa. Inside the book there were many famous people like - Billy T James and Ngoi Pewhairangi. Thanks Mr Duff for sharing your life skills with us. We appreciate all of your help.

Basketball Recount

Basketball Recount

This morning the whole Room 10 went to the courts to learn skills that involves basketball. Our coach’s name was Coach Steph. First we had a warm up game which was statues. The game was pretty challenging because I have never played a game like statues before. At the same time I thought it was a fun game to play. After we finished playing statues coach Steph taught us a skill called “Jump Stop”. I thought that when she was teaching us different skills it was helpful to me.

Thanks coach Steph for teaching us basketball skills for the whole morning. I appreciate all of your help you have done.