Monday, 11 August 2014

Chanel and Hannah's Powhiri Recount

Chanel's Side of the story .....

Today was a lovely day, until all the hairs on the back of my neck rose. We were getting ready to start performing our performances before the Mayor gets here with all his guests. He was visiting us because there will be a new Early Childhood Education centre getting built in the front of our school, Glenbrae School. My friend, Hannah was performing a Samoan dance, the boys from my class were performing a Tongan dance. When the Mayor arrives with all the other guests, us girls and boys will welcome him with the haka and Karena and Noellen will welcome them with the karaga. It was so traditional and New Zealand like. After all the nerve-wracking moments, we walked and silently sat inside the hall waiting for the ceremony to start. During the ceremony, we were singing, laughing, clapping. Len Brown, Nick Smith and Matua Jim made some speeches and talked to us about what has been happening around Glen Innes. There has been people moving from houses to houses and some people aren’t liking it, but it’s okay.

Hannah's side of the story .....

After all the laughs and joking around, the whole school walked to the front of the school, getting ready to dig into the ground for the building of the centre, next year. We all sang Te Aroha once more and then took photos. Some people were fangirling, I could tell. We photobomb some of the photos, which were funny. Later on, we went to the scout hall, which was getting repaired and is going to more beautiful than before. We did the karakia to bless it and wish that everything will go well. We also went down to Taniwha Street to see the new buildings that are getting built. It was funny because Nick Smith was inside the digger and he dug a huge hole into the ground. We stood there with protesters making everyone mad, especially me. I just wanted to …………. nothing. When it was time to leave, our teacher signalled us to start walking back to school.

Everyone had fun on that day, we all wished it never ended. But, it was a Thursday and Thursdays always end …...

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

~ Tae Kwon Do ~~ Lesson 2 ~

It was a very warm and beautiful morning to do. Tae Kwon Do is a modern Korean martial arts that is similar to karate. One of the skills were pulling away from the person that tries to push me up to the wall. My favourite part of the lesson was when we learnt how to punch, kick and pull away from a person that is trying to give me a hiding. At the end of the lesson we played a game called helicopters and fire.

I found today’s lesson very helpful so now I know how to defend myself during a fight. Thanks to Miss Yu, you have helped me.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

^Tae Qwon Do Lesson^

Have you ever attended a Tae Qwon Do Lesson before?

Well, yesterday Room 10 students walked proudly down to the hall to attend a Tae Qwon Do Lesson. Our instructors name is Miss Yu. She has been teaching Tae Qwon Do for seven years. During the lesson we learnt how to punch and kick.

^Auckland Wall Memorial Museum Trip Reflection^

On Monday the 28th of July 2014, The seniors from Glenbrae School went on a trip to the Auckland Wall Memorial Museum, to learn about natural disasters. I learnt that there are three different types of volcano eruptions. Other than that I also learnt that their are different types of rocks that come out of other eruptions. I would like to learn more about volcanoes because they are my biggest fear.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Daily Exercise Reflection - Chanel

Today at tech the year 8's and I did a daily exercise activity with Ms Anderson.
It was a big experience because I never knew how to use computers, but now I do.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Matariki Poem

Matariki is represented by seven bright and beautiful kites floating in the sky. Pleiades star cluster rising from the east.

Smells like smoked fish and hangi cooking for all guests.

People are feeling high - spirited and inspired by the seven stars.. Gay during the frosty morning and cool crisp winter nights.

Delicious smoked fish with creamy cooked taro.

Sounds like traditional performances and maori people singing.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Resizing Image

Today at technology I learnt how to resize the Nike Google shoe.
It was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Long bay Recount.

One frozen and chilly morning, rooms 7 and 8 went on a rocky shore vacation at Long Bay Reserve. After an hour drive we reached our destination. When we arrived we got of the bus and lined up in our groups that we were put in.

Once we were lined up a women came to speak to us about our presentation for the day. In addition we walked over to the point,  where we were going to be working for the day to have a little korero with all of the instructors as well as introducing ourselves. Finally we accomplished having a korero with the instructors they decided which groups they would take and teach.

Afterwards we went for a review at the rock pools to discover different types of species from the seashore.

  When I was discovering the species I found out that

- Starfish and Kinas belong to the family  Echinoderm
- Crayfish and Lobsters belong to the family Nephropidae
- Cockles and Pipis belong to the family Cardidaes.

Once we finished discovering different species we had a snack. Then we did our last activity which was picking up unique objects. While looking for things we had to define them on the way back to the shelter.

It was a good experience for me and I enjoyed it.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Temperature Quiz

This morning, I went on a website that involves quizzes based on temperatures.
In the quiz there were 6 questions.
At last I got 85% correct and 15% incorrect.
I found the challenge a bit challenging.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Meaning of my name

Hey there,

I am Chanel and today I found out that the meaning of name is "channel pipe"

Eww at first I thought I was a toilet pipe but yeah I hope it's doesn't mean toilet pipe.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Loopy People

I learnt to:

1.Measure body parts
2. Half each measurement
3.Use the halved measurement to create my loopy person.

It was easy to connect each body part.
It was hard to halve each measurement.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Book about fruit.

Today I read a book about fruit.
Written by - Heather Dark

I learnt that some fruit from plants are very poisonous.
I also learnt two new words to add to my vocabulary list

ovary - the female part of the flower that has eggs in it, which can grow into seeds.

pesticide - a chemical used to kill pests that might harm plants.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Over the past few weeks during basketball I learnt how to -

  • play as a team
  • shoot the ball through the hoop
  • dribble
  • chest pass
  • encourage my team mates to participate
  • and most of all have a lot of fun

The most difficult skill I struggled doing was -

  • get a score for the team
  • dribble the ball through my legs

During basketball I enjoyed having fun with my peers.
I was totally hard but at the same time it was fun.

Monday, 14 April 2014


WALT - Use body parts as a unit of measurement.

Today I learnt that I could use my hand span, footsteps and many more as measurements.
Thank you Mrs Parker for teaching me how to use my body parts as measurements.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Maths on Studyladder



Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sunshine Online

Title - Survival of Fish
Author - Jean Biddulp
Type - Non-Fiction

While I was reading the book I found out that when a Puffy Fish gets attacked it puffs up.
I enjoyed learning about how sea creatures defend themselves.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Flip book with Mrs Raj

This morning my group Kiwi and I learnt how to make a flip book Mrs Raj on the learning carpet. It was fantastic watching Mrs Raj demonstrate the structure of a flip book. Thanks Mrs Raj for showing me how to make a flip book, it was realistic.

Beetle Inquiry

Common Name: Beetle
Scientific Name: Coleptera

Beetles have head, thorax, abdomen and six legs. Beetles normally live on land and freshwater around the world. The habitat is forest, land, grass. Some beetles can live and grow for long.
Image or images
Other features:
Some beetles could live in trees. They could eat leaves. Beetles can not see very well at night. There is another one called fireflies and lightning bugs but they are beetle. They glow in the dark to communicate.  They fit in eggs, larvae, pupa and then adult.

Lost Backpacker

A hike is when you go for a long distanced walk across the country. The distance of the Tuapapakurua Falls Track is 11 km far and it takes 5 - 4hrs. The conditions could be found slippery / muddy followed by rain.

Before going on your walk you must find information about the track, pack sufficient supplies, know your limit and tell someone where you are going so they can raise the alarm if you don’t get back after 5-4 hr.

When you go on the hike you might find some beautiful and native species in their habitats and plants in a crowd like a bush. You also might find a great view of Mt Taranaki.

List of native Oregon plants

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bio Poem - Danielle

Reader, Bright, Out-Going
Lover of technology, music, and family
Who wonders about the future
Who fears double rainbows,  people dieing,
and thinking too much
Who feels happy, different, and successful
Who is able to confuse anyone with the most
simplest sentence
Who would like to meet the rest of her family members,
explore foreign countries, and go to a concert
Who dreams to meet inspiring people

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Students without hats.

This is an area graph showing you and the rest of the audience how many students didn't have hats during lunchtime and interval.
I found it very difficult trying to do a area graph.


 Today I learnt to present my data as a line graph and a area graph.
It was based on the temperature.
I had fun.

Bio Poem

Kind, hardworking, unique
Lover of Reggae music, cute dogs, delicious food
Who wonders if you mind read what people are thinking
Who fears a family member passing away
Who feels euphoric on a trip to Australia
Who is able to teach others unique magic tricks
Who would like to speak another language, go to Rarotonga, travel the world
Who dreams to get a good education to be able to get a fantastic job
Independent worker.

Hand Clipart by

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fruit Graphs

This period I learnt how to create different kinds of graphs.
When I was taking a look at the graphs I saw that more students like to eat Mango rather than any of the fruit.
I thought that the Pie graph is more useful than the Bar graph because it shows more details.