Thursday, 30 May 2013

Maths Whizz

Today I learnt how to use tidy to solve equations.
I got all my questions right.
In my test I received 100%. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Maths Assessment

Tonight I went on a interesting site called Study ladder.
I did a assessment that involves Maths.
I got 100% in the test.

How to ride a bike.

WALT: Follow Instructions.

Title: How to ride a bike.
Bike  Helmet
Pads  Highlighted top
Steps / Instructions:
  1. Pull your bike out.
  2. Put your helmet, pads,closed in shoes.
  3. Check if the bike is safe to ride.
  4. Ask an adult to help you fix bike if broken.
  5. Test all parts of bike.
  6. Practice riding your.
  7. Set a bike riding course.

Have fun riding your bike with friends and family.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Shapes Sorter

Today I learnt how to sort shapes by putting them in the right place.
I got 100 % in the test.
How great is that?

Corn Flakes

WALT: How to write a recipe.

Title: How to make Corn Flakes
Corn Flakes, Milk, Sugar

What you Need:
Bowl, Spoon,

1.Grab a bowl.
2.Put Corn Flakes in bowl.
3.Add sugar on top of the Corn Flakes.
4.Pour half of cup of milk in.
5.Stir breakfast up.

Conclusion: Enjoy your delicious breakfast.
Pictures to go with the recipe

Procedural Writing:Recipe

WALT: Write a recipe.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Rotation Is Everywhere

Today I learnt that rotating is on planet Earth.
I feel so proud of my work.
I am reading at level 15.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Maths Race

This afternoon I went on a helpful website called Study ladder.
I joined in a race that involved addition. 
I found it truly helpful.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Maths Whizz

I learnt how to use tidy numbers.
I am proud of my work.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How the Pumpkin got his name.

Tonight I read a book called How Pumpkin Got His Name.
I really enjoyed the story because I learnt a word which is persistence.
Persistence means try over and over again.

Sunshine Online

Today I read a book called Super Car.
I really enjoyed reading it because it had funny words.

Netball Recount

Hooray it’s time for Room 10 to go out for netball skills. I am really absolutely nervous because when Gina our netball tutor calls out my number and other students numbers I never get a chance to hold the ball. Gina taught us skills like shooting, pass, catching,stepping and shooter driving. The main skill I really need to practice is shooting the ball into the hoop to get a score for my group. We all were split into the same groups called Bulldogs and Outlaws. After that we all had to participate in the challenge. For the challenge we had to work together to make sure that we would win. Then Gina blew her noisy whistle to tell us to start the game. When Bulldogs got their first goal we were all screaming, shouting,yahooing and cheering at  each other that was in the group. Bulldogs got 10 points when Outlaws received 5 points. Eventually Bulldogs and Outlaws shook each other’s hand. The favourite part I enjoyed was when I practiced how to do half cut steps.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Maths Whizz

Today on Maths Whizz I learnt that 1 kg is the same as 1000.
I am proud because I am improving in maths.

Machines like cars.

I learnt that most cars are very fast.
I learnt a new word called optimistic.
I am proud of myself because I learnt lots of facts about vehicles.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Maths Whizz

I learnt that a half of kg is the same as 500.

The Little Yellow Chicken

The Little Yellow Chicken
Story by Joy Cowley
Illustrations by Elizabeth Fuller

Sunday, 19 May 2013


On Maths Whizz I learnt that a 1/2 of kg is the same as 500.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bike Safety

Bike safety
Hooray! Room 10 are having bike skills.
I am absolutely excited because I love riding bikes.
At first I never knew how to ride a bike, but now I do. I have learnt many skills from a person named J.S. He came from an enormous company called Big foot.
He taught me how to check my bike before I go riding. He said to room 10 that we should check 4 main things on our bike. I found it interesting to learn heaps of facts. We had to check the brakes, wheels,bolts and reflectors on our bikes so that we are safe to ride.
Then he spoke to us about wearing visible clothes that looks bright coloured so we can be seen by people on the road and be safe. J.S. also spoke to us about reflective gear and safety equipment.
Eventually it was time for J.S. to show us some quick tips about wearing a helmet when we ride a bike. We were allowed to put the helmets on that he gave us.
I needed to remember to make sure that the helmet fits properly on our head and also that the strap looks like a letter y. Finally he helped some students with their helmet. After that we were allowed to go for a ride on the school court. Then I didn't want to participate.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mental Stratigies

Today on Maths Whizz I learnt how to solve equations by using tidy numbers.
Before I wasn't good but now I'm great at it.
I've improved in maths and I am proud of my self.


Hooray! Year 7s and 8s are going to Waiatarua Reserve for Orienteering. I was absolutely excited because I was keen to enjoy my self. When we all got there we had to stand in our groups. At first I told my friend Kato that I was nervous. But she said to me to not be nervous because if you lose then its  better than nothing. So then I said thanks for the advice I really appreciate your help.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Math Stratigies

Yipee! It's time for me to go on Maths Whizz.
I am very nervous because I don't know if I will get all of my answers correct.
Luckily I got all of them right.
I am proud of myself because I didn't give up.

At the car wash.

I read a story called At the car wash.
Text by Hazel Shepherd.
Illustration by Don Dyen.
I am reading on level 16 and I am proud of my self.

Bulldogs vs Outlaws.

Hooray! Room 10 are going for Netball lessons on the school court. At first we got taught an excellent skill called Defence. After that lesson we had a game of chest passing. We were split into two fabulous groups which were Bulldogs and Outlaws. Everyone was excited to win the game. Eventually the Bulldogs won the game. Finally we shook hands with the other team and said well done. That was a very competitive game. I loved and enjoyed it as there was no cheating.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mother's Day Reflection

For Mother's Day I stayed home and cleaned the house up with my brother and sister. Then we made a card for mum. After that dad made all of us breakfast. We had eggs and bake beans on toast, it was delicious like a chocolate cake with cherries on it. Eventually we gave our present to her, she said that she loved it because it had her favourite colour which is Purple

Killer Whales

This morning I went on a fabulous website called "Sunshine Online"
It always helps me with my Reading.
I am working on level 30 today.
I think that I have learnt  heaps of facts about Killer Whales.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Stop The Clock

Kia Ora! My second task I had to do today was to go on a website that involves hours. minutes and seconds. The title of the activity is Stop the Clock. My fastest record was 10 seconds. Don't you think that I'm doing great in my work.

Narrative Writing

Yipee! Pirate Mark shouted. He felt happy because him and his crew were going to an island to  search for the treasure that they have been looking for 2 months. The whole crew was woken up by the loud storm. Pirate Mark’s beard was as long as a giraffe's neck. In the crew there are three other pirates, their names are Campbell, Robert and Collier. They’re all brother’s to Mark. When they got woken up by the loud noise Collier fell of his bed same as Mark. The storm was as loud as a enormous crowd of teenages screaming for Nicki Minaj.

Rapid call Times table

On Maths Whizz I learnt my timetables.
I got 100 percent right.
I am very proud of my self for using persistence today.

The Easter Story

The Easter Story

Easter Sunday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most important Christian celebration. The date of Easter Sunday changes every year, and that changes the date of all the important holy days that come before Easter. It falls between late March and late May. Easter is so important because Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead, two days after he died on the cross. Jesus’ dead body was buried in a cave on Good Friday and two days later the stone that covered the cave’s entrance had been moved and Jesus’ body had gone. Various people saw Jesus in the following days and his followers understood God had raised him from the dead. Historians say this happened sometime between 26 and 36 AD.

People celebrate Easter in many ways around the world. It is a very busy time for churches. Many Christians light a special Pascal candle on the evening before Easter. This represents the rising of Christ. There are special songs and hymns which people sing in church. Children like Easter because their parents and grandparents give them chocolate Easter eggs, a sign of new birth. Schoolchildren usually decorate eggs and display them in their school or give them as gifts. Other things associated with Easter are the Easter Bunny and spring flowers like irises. An unusual Easter tradition in Norway is to solve murder mysteries at Easter. Television channels show murder mystery shows.

Spelling Bee

On Saturday I learnt how to spell a very big word called "optimistic".
I went on Study Ladder to play a game called Spelling Bee.
I came first place by trying to sound out the letters.
I am absolutely proud of my work.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

On Saturday my cousin and I went shopping for our mum.
We both decided to get them some high heels for Mother's Day.
When it was Sunday we gave them their special present that we got.
Mum and Aunty loved their heels because it had their favourite colour on it which "Purple".
We had fun loving our mum.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Compass Reading

Today on Maths Whizz I learnt how to read a normal kind of compass. One of the skills I learnt was which way will it be going if it was clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Scoot Skills

On the 8th of May 2013 we had scootering lessons at school. The whole of Room 10 had to participate in the fun. Our tutor’s name is Delia. She is from the Auckland Transport. I learnt some interesting skills. The first skills was that if we’re riding our scooter on the footpath we have to use our helmet, knee and elbow pads.

Holiday Recount

The most enjoyable part of my holiday was when my cousins came up to Auckland. They came from a beautiful place called Oamaru. Their names are Byron, Jordan and Kaia. When all of them first came up Nana Catherine went to the national airport. Then they went to Waiheke for a few days then caught the ferry back to town. After that Nana Rebecca, Uncle Shane, Aunty Kiri and I went with Aunty Chanel to the ferry station to wait for them to arrive. Finally they arrived on the ferry. When I saw my cousins I ran to them and started crying because we haven’t seen them ever since last year. Eventually we went to McDonald. We had a big feed like an enormous festival. Then we went home to have a welcome home party it was fun. My cousins and I stayed until early hours in the morning. We keeped on talking all morning.

Netball Recount

Netball Recount

Today at 9:45 am the whole of Room 10 had there first Netball session. It was sunny and bright. We all had to sprint to the court very quick like an athlete. Everyone was excited to meet the coaches. I rushed to stand by my best friend Brinix. The class had to practice how to do a chest pass in a group three. After that we had to stop and listen to the instructions that the coach said. She said that whenever shes talking to us and we have ball in our hand we’re only allowed to hold on to it. Finally we all participated in the most enjoyable activity ever. Our coach divided us into two even groups. Girls we screaming like headless chooks. Boys were yahooing like if it was a teenager party.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Inside Our Body

Today on Study ladder I did an activity called "Inside Our Body".
I had to match up the parts on to the skeleton.

Sunshine Online

Today on Sunshine Online I read a story called Ballpark Jitters.
I really enjoyed the story.