Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Water Fun Day

Water Fun Day

It’s the Water Fun Day. My group colour is Red (Rata). The event happened at Glenbrae School. It started at 11 in the morning to 1 in the noon. The name’s of the houses are Rata, Nikau, Kauri and Kowhai.

First all groups had to go in front of the classes that Mrs Holderness told every group to stand in front of. After that Nikau started to walk to my group called Rata. Then they had to walk up the hill to start marching around the court which is in the top block. Finally all groups started to march all together. When all of the team started to walk around the court they were all singing.

Suddenly we had to sit down on the court to meet up with Mrs Holderness. Meanwhile Mrs Holderness sent all of the groups to different activities. The name’s of the activities were the slippery slide, under over, zig-zag and tag.

The first activity I started at was the under over. The 2nd activity I went to was tag. 3rd was the zig-zag. And the last activity was the slippery slide. Last of all was the time i’ve been waiting was to see if Rata won. For us to meet up was the same place as we met Mrs Holderness to start. My favourite part of the day was when Rata went to the slippery slide.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bio Poem

Short, Brown, Maori.
Relative of Tydre in Room 1.
Who feels annoyed when her siblings touch her stuff.
Who fears Spiders, Sharks and Tuatara.
Who needs money to pay the rent.
Who gives food to the poor people.
Who would like to see Miami

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Intelligent, Smart, Kind
Lover of Cookies and Cream Ice-cream, Swimming and Maths
Who wonders if the world is going to end.
Who fears Lizards, Rats and Sting Rays
Who feels happy when it’s Christmas, sad when someone dies and angry when their siblings touches her stuff.
Who is able to change my behaviour when I am naughty.
Who would like to see the movie Mt Zion, people being kind to each other and children working hard.
Who dreams of getting a good education at school.

Swimming lessons

Hooray! We’re going swimming in the school pool. First we had to get our bags and go outside to line up in one single line. Then we had to walk down with our hands behind our back. Finally we got to the pools. Mrs raj told all of us to get into the pool safely. When I got in I said in my head that it was” as cold as ice!” Suddenly Ms D commanded every student that was in the pool to be quiet and listen to her speak.

After that she showed us how to do a freestyle. She also showed us how to Glide, Backstroke after we finished the freestyle.

At the end of the lessons I felt exhausted from swimming.