Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dance Fever recount

Dance fever

Hooray! This morning my classroom and I are going to our school hall for dancing lessons so that we can win at the inter schools which involves other schools from around the area that we are in.

Today we went over what we learnt last week which the hip-hop dance so that we remember and that we could move on to the next dance which was the Chacha. before we even started to learn how to do the Chacha dance we had to find a partner and then sit down so captain and Christina could explain what we were going to do with our partner and what we were going to start with. As we sat down Christina said “Look I am already having lots of fun but I want some more fun!” After that we all had to zip our mouths and fold our shoulders so captain could speak so we did. When captain finished talking Christina and captain said “We are not starting with holding each others hand we are starting our steps for our feet!” So they both showed us what to do. Once they finished showing us the action we all got told to stand up by captain. we all practiced the first set of steps ten times so that we would know how to do it like how we know how to spell our names. Afterwards our lesson was over and it was time for room seven to learn their routine.

When we finished I was so exhausted from dancing but I had fun.

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