Monday, 29 April 2013

Math Test

Today for mathematics I did a math test to get more credits for Study Ladder.
I got 23 credits.
I am proud because I'm not really good at maths.

Vocabulary Study

Today for literacy I did a vocabulary study.
I learnt that donation means that something given, especially to charity.
Before I never knew what donation means but know I know.
I am proud of what I have learnt today.

Working Bees

Today on Study Ladder I learnt about how every bee works.
One of the things that I learnt was that honey is made by bees.
In the test about bees I got a score of 50 percent.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Outback Discovery

Today I learnt how to read a journal.
It had lost of paragraphs that had lost of different things.
I read the story to my uncle but he said that I needed to read it with more expression.

How to play the Recorder.

Today on Study ladder I wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument called Recorder.
When I first tried to play a recorder I found it hard.
It sounded like the recorder was out of tune like a piano.

Mixed Equations

Today on Study ladder I did an activity called Mixed Equations.
The first question said 7 turtles were swimming altogether.
4 swam away.
How many are left???
My answer was 3.
I got 100 percent and I am proud.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Snow World

Today I went on Sunshine Online to improve my reading skills.
The story I was reading was called Snow World.
After that had to do a Whizzy Quiz activity.


Yesterday afternoon I went on study ladder to find out some facts about bullying.

Study ladder is a website for children to learn things that they don't know.

I am busy.

Yesterday I read a story called "I am busy".
After I read the story there was an activity.


Yesterday I learnt how to read equations and solving them at the same time. This activity was as fun as having a birthday party.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Today I learnt how to read measurements. 
The first time I tried it was very difficult. 
But now I know because I asked my dad for help.
I really think that he explained it very well.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Maths Whizz

Today I learnt how to count on in tens to solve my equation.
I'm absolutely proud of myself today for completing my goals.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Today's Reflection

Today I did five excellent blog posts.
I am proud of all my work I have done today.

World Series [maths]

Today on study ladder I did a math test.

I got all of my answers right.

Finish the Sentence

Today on this activity I had to click on the correct word to finish the sentence off. The word I clicked on was wrap. It was correct.

Water Safety

Today on the website called study ladder I had to answer the question I got given. The question was What should I do if I was swimming and I was in trouble? My answer was wave my hand to show that I need help.

Conjunction Sentences

Today I had to finish the sentence by putting the correct word in. The score was 8 out of 10

Friday, 5 April 2013

Today's Reflection

Today I learnt lots of things that I never knew before.
 It's very awesome when I learn.

Volcano Studies

Today I learnt heaps of facts about volcanoes. Now I know a lot more than before.

Play The Xylophone

Today I learnt how to play a xylophone. I found it difficult.

Multiplication Battle (Mathematics)

Today I did 2 timetables. I got all of the equations correct. Hooray!!!

My Christmas Day

Today I had to read the story then answer the questions. My score was 10 %.

Bush Fire Reading

Today I read a book called "Bush fire". After that I did an activity called word train.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pencil & Paper

Today I went on Maths Whizz. I learnt how to solve problem using ageism.

The Easter Story

Easter Sunday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most important Christian celebration. The date of Easter Sunday changes every year, and that changes the date of all the important holy days that come before Easter. It falls between late March and late May. Easter is so important because Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead, two days after he died on the cross. Jesus’ dead body was buried in a cave on Good Friday and two days later the stone that covered the cave’s entrance had been moved and Jesus’ body had gone. Various people saw Jesus in the following days and his followers understood God had raised him from the dead. Historians say this happened sometime between 26 and 36 AD.

People celebrate Easter in many ways around the world. It is a very busy time for churches. Many Christians light a special Pascal candle on the evening before Easter. This represents the rising of Christ. There are special songs and hymns which people sing in church. Children like Easter because their parents and grandparents give them chocolate Easter eggs, a sign of new birth. Schoolchildren usually decorate eggs and display them in their school or give them as gifts. Other things associated with Easter are the Easter Bunny and spring flowers like irises. An unusual Easter tradition in Norway is to solve murder mysteries at Easter. Television channels show murder mystery shows.

Maths Magician

Today I went on maths magician to learn my 6 timetables. my score was 100 percent.

Cheer leading Poem

I love to be a Cheerleader it's hard, but it's fun. We practice in the winter, and the heat of the sun. We practice after school, till way after dark. We have to study hard to get a good mark. We go and get donations, and ask the people to help. To send us to competition, to pride you, and ourselves. All of us girls, we're like sisters I know, We help each other out, when ones feeling low. Cheer leading is in your mind, heart, body and soul. It's hard to explain, but it's true it's something you live, not something grew. It should come easy, but of course it's not, it's a price you pay when your reaching for the top.

Wind Questions

Today I learnt a lot of facts about wind.

Using Commas

Today I learnt how to use a comma in a story.