Monday, 21 October 2013

Pumping Pedals

1. Recall
Give a brief summary of the story.
Chris was a kart driver before he even started to pump his legs out on a bike.

2. Infer
What kind of a person is Sally Davies? Tell why you think this.
Sally Davies is a person that is so keen to achieve and compete against other bike riders. she loves to compete against others because she reckons that its challenging to her.

3. Evaluate
Explain why you think the author entitled the story as “Pumping Pedals”
The author entitle the story as Pumping Pedals because it explains the title in the story which is about you riding a bike.

4. Think about it
Why do you think Sally would like to attract more girls to the sport of BMX racing?
So they understand what it feels like when they want to compete against others from other divisions.

5. Recall
How are the bikes designed and what are they made of?
they are made of light-weight aluminium, titanium, or carbon fibre.

6. Think about it.
Why did Sally groan as she remembered her first racing bike?
So that she realizes that she has improved.

7. Please explain the racing technique called “pumping” and why it might be important?
That they have to go up hills and around the banks. And they also have to try and force the bike to turn or to jump up or stop.  

8. Do you think BMX racing is a dangerous sport. Tell why or why not you think this.
I think that it is dangerous because you can get badly injured unless your wearing the correct gear.
The BMX drivers have to wear gear like a:
Helmet with glasses

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