Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Netball Recount

Hooray it’s time for Room 10 to go out for netball skills. I am really absolutely nervous because when Gina our netball tutor calls out my number and other students numbers I never get a chance to hold the ball. Gina taught us skills like shooting, pass, catching,stepping and shooter driving. The main skill I really need to practice is shooting the ball into the hoop to get a score for my group. We all were split into the same groups called Bulldogs and Outlaws. After that we all had to participate in the challenge. For the challenge we had to work together to make sure that we would win. Then Gina blew her noisy whistle to tell us to start the game. When Bulldogs got their first goal we were all screaming, shouting,yahooing and cheering at  each other that was in the group. Bulldogs got 10 points when Outlaws received 5 points. Eventually Bulldogs and Outlaws shook each other’s hand. The favourite part I enjoyed was when I practiced how to do half cut steps.

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