Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Holiday Recount

The most enjoyable part of my holiday was when my cousins came up to Auckland. They came from a beautiful place called Oamaru. Their names are Byron, Jordan and Kaia. When all of them first came up Nana Catherine went to the national airport. Then they went to Waiheke for a few days then caught the ferry back to town. After that Nana Rebecca, Uncle Shane, Aunty Kiri and I went with Aunty Chanel to the ferry station to wait for them to arrive. Finally they arrived on the ferry. When I saw my cousins I ran to them and started crying because we haven’t seen them ever since last year. Eventually we went to McDonald. We had a big feed like an enormous festival. Then we went home to have a welcome home party it was fun. My cousins and I stayed until early hours in the morning. We keeped on talking all morning.

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