Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bike Safety

Bike safety
Hooray! Room 10 are having bike skills.
I am absolutely excited because I love riding bikes.
At first I never knew how to ride a bike, but now I do. I have learnt many skills from a person named J.S. He came from an enormous company called Big foot.
He taught me how to check my bike before I go riding. He said to room 10 that we should check 4 main things on our bike. I found it interesting to learn heaps of facts. We had to check the brakes, wheels,bolts and reflectors on our bikes so that we are safe to ride.
Then he spoke to us about wearing visible clothes that looks bright coloured so we can be seen by people on the road and be safe. J.S. also spoke to us about reflective gear and safety equipment.
Eventually it was time for J.S. to show us some quick tips about wearing a helmet when we ride a bike. We were allowed to put the helmets on that he gave us.
I needed to remember to make sure that the helmet fits properly on our head and also that the strap looks like a letter y. Finally he helped some students with their helmet. After that we were allowed to go for a ride on the school court. Then I didn't want to participate.

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