Tuesday, 5 August 2014

~ Tae Kwon Do ~~ Lesson 2 ~

It was a very warm and beautiful morning to do. Tae Kwon Do is a modern Korean martial arts that is similar to karate. One of the skills were pulling away from the person that tries to push me up to the wall. My favourite part of the lesson was when we learnt how to punch, kick and pull away from a person that is trying to give me a hiding. At the end of the lesson we played a game called helicopters and fire.

I found today’s lesson very helpful so now I know how to defend myself during a fight. Thanks to Miss Yu, you have helped me.


  1. I'm glad you are learning a good skill Chanel, hopefully you are never in a situation where you actually have to use it!

  2. good work chanel keep it up miss ya by summer


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