Thursday, 6 March 2014

Basketball Activity

WALT read and understand how an explanation is written. (Structure and language features used in writing explanations)

Knowledge Questions: Learn
  1. Where and when was the game of basketball devised? 1891 - Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
  2. What is another name for bouncing the ball along the ground? Dribbling
  3. Can there ever be a draw in a game of basketball ? Only if both teams have the same amount of points.

Comprehension Questions: Learn
     4.   In total, how many players are on the court at one time? Theres only meant to be five.
     5.   Name four skills involved in basketball. Dribble, long pass, layout shot, chest pass
     6.   How does the referee communicate signals? Referees use hand signals.

Application Questions: Create, Share
     7.   Would basketball be a good game for someone short to play? No, because they might  get injured by their opponents.   Explain your answer.
     8.   What question would you ask an international referee about the signals made during
           the game? Do you ever get frustrated during all the errors the players make during the tournament.

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