Thursday, 12 September 2013

Phil's Machines

What did Phil love when he was a boy? Ever since Phil was a boy he loved machines.

What is a dirt bank? A dirt bank is a pile of mud creating a little hill.

What did Phil do when he left school? When he left school he got a job driving 50-tonne bulldozes and 80-tonne motor scrapers.

How many diggers does Phil own? Phil owns four diggers.
How many people work for Phil? Phil has two people working for him.

Why did Phil get tired of seeing other people’s names on the side of the truck? Because he was working for someone else.

Does Phil work long hours? Yes, Phil works five or six days a week, eight to ten hours a day.

Why? So that when the that everything is organised for the workers.

What safety gear do the workers wear? The workers have to wear a hard hat and a bright colored vest.

Why is it important to wear these? to keep themselves safe.

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