Thursday, 1 August 2013

Holiday Recount

In the holidays myself, Aunty Raui and Uncle Ela have a wonderful holiday visiting the mums job. We all have to decide how to get to town first. Uncle told Aunty Raui and I to do the dishes so we can just shoot of to see how mum works. We all found it so interesting going to mum’s job. I felt so excited to see mum and her classmates.

Paragraph 1
Hooray! Its the holidays. In the holidays my family and I went to Britomart to ask my mum for some spending money. My uncle, aunty and I are as excited as celebrating christmas at the movies. It was early in the morning when suddenly mum texted uncle’s mobile. The text said “Morning bro! How are you guys coming to town to get my pocket money, to do the shopping for the house?” Uncle Ela came rushing into the kitchen when I was making us some eggs on toast for breakfast before we leave. He read the text with wonderful expression coming from his mouth. Then uncle asked me, “Can you ask papa for his car instead of using our money to catch the train?” I replied saying, “I don’t know it’s up to you and Aunty Raui!” After a while I told Aunty Raui and Uncle Ela that breakfast is ready so when we finish we only have to do the dishes and then shoot of to town. Aunty Raui said that if I be good today she might shout me some lunch. As we finished eating our breakfast Uncle went to the sink to start stacking the dishes up for me and Aunty Raui can just get on the with the dishes as soon as possible. Afterwards I went ran to the bathroom with aunty and uncle to brush our teeth and get changed separately. When I finished getting changed I realized that I need to do the dishes. I felt as hot as a fireplace heating the house up. As myself and Aunty Raui did the dishes mum texted uncle Ela again. The text said, “Hi again! What time are you guys arriving in town bro?” Uncle replied saying, “We might come at 9am my sis. We’re coming to town in dad’s car!” Then we completed the dishes so after that we can shoot of to town saying, “HALABALOO!” We all felt so happy to go and visit mum

Paragraph 2
As we hopped into the car uncle asked us, “Should put some gas in the car! So that when we give the car back there will be some gas left in the car for him to go to his darts game this afternoon!” We said, “Yeah of course we should because if we use the and there is no gas left in the car he will get all angry at all three of us!” Then we left home with a enormous smile on our face. Few minutes later we arrived in Britomart at the parking section. Because we were going to be there for 2 hours uncle went to the paying machine to pay for parking area. Our car was on floor number two. When I got out of the vehicle I never knew that it would be cold outside. Outside it was as cold as being in Antarctica by the penguins but at the same time I was still excited. I couldn’t wait until we saw mum in her classroom in level six. We all used the elevator to get up to the class. The class was humungous like an elephant in a quiet and calm jungle. Afterwards I said, “Yay we are here now!” Finally I saw mum and her classmates adding make-up on their clients faces.

Paragraph 3
Mum was on break for an hour and a half so we could get something eat and go for a look around in the clothes shops that were nearby her job. First we all went for a walk to Burger King across the road from McDonalds. For lunch mum and I had a combo that had some chips, a big burger and a large cup of Coke. It tasted so delicious like eating a chocolate cake with a mug full of milo. Then we went to get some clothes from Cotton On beneath mums job. I got a pair of blue, red, green and black skinny jeans with some jerseys that go with the jeans. Afterwards mum, aunty, uncle and I went back up to mum’s class.

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