Thursday, 4 July 2013

Matariki Ball Recount

Matariki Ball Recount

Hooray! On the 28th of June at Glenbrae School there was a Matariki Ball being celebrated by heaps of families. There was gangsta songs been played by DJ Larry. Delicious food been brought by Chef Amy. And beautiful pictures been taken by Photographer Chris. Many children felt so confident to dance with their best friends.
When I arrived at the Matariki Ball the hall looked so stylish to look at with your dark or light coloured eyes. The ball was as fun as celebrating your 11th birthday with your lovable family. I had so much fun with my special friends because all the boys were behaving and not causing any trouble. We were celebrating Matariki Ball for the intelligent Y7’s and Y8’s camp fundraising. Teachers were proud of the contributing and participating whanau coming along to help the students out with their fundraising. At the end there were dancing competitions allowing all toddlers, students and parents to join in the fun. Lisiate made a wonderful speech about the people who used all their useful time up for the kids that enjoyed their time from 5:30pm - 8:00pm. Us Y7’s & Y8’s absolutely appreciated the whole school for spending the night at the Ball. The judges chose six excellent dancers to be crowned separately starting with the toddlers then students and finally the parents.

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