Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mixed Equations

Today on Study ladder I did an activity called Mixed Equations.
The first question said 7 turtles were swimming altogether.
4 swam away.
How many are left???
My answer was 3.
I got 100 percent and I am proud.


  1. Hi Chanel, was looking at the work you have done over the last three weeks, and have noticed the improvement and hard work you have put in plus the commitment you have shown. We are so very very proud of you, you have shown great enthusiasm and competence. Weldon, great job, excellent work! Chanel please keep up the good work, strive to reach and achieve your goals and to do excellence. You're doing your self and us proud, we back you all the way and will follow you through to the end and hoping you do achieve the 4B grade you so strongly deserve! best of luck in the weeks and remaining terms that are left!

    Mum, Dad and siblings. oxu;)

  2. Hi Chanel
    You are responsible for your own learning. I am glad you are learning.
    Soon you will do really well in class. I am so proud of you!
    Mrs. Raj

  3. Hi chanel I have been looking at your work and i knew how hard you have been working through the holidays... so proud of you chanel.


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