Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tahuna Torea

Introduction:Tahuna Torea is at the end of West Tamaki Road, Glendowie. It’s a very special habitat to migration Godwits. There are two lookouts in Tahuna Torea. Many families go to Tahuna Torea to feed the animals. Everyone should look out for the signs to begin your journey. You can go through the bushes quietly because when you bump the trees all of the insects fly up which makes it easier for the fantails to catch their prey. We should always keep the Wetlands so the birds don’t become extinct.

It was as cool as the breeze brushing against my face.
The Pukeko was limping as if a dog has bitten it’s leg.
Mangroves are New Zealand native trees.
Kahikatea is use to make butter containers.
Tahuna Torea is a very beautiful place to visit with our family.
All of the students were noisy like a child screaming up and down the street.
Many birds were not seen by anyone as if someone was playing hide and seek.

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